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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Jun 14, 2013 00:21 Flag

    Muscle Head Baptist .....

    ....and Erik The Turkey Buzzard, on their favourite subject Financial Muscle, of which, both know sweet F all about. They cant even add up the cost of a pint of milk and a newspaper, let alone the financial minefield of a football club. So who is reading them? Only the knuckle heads like 'Any Name will Do' Butch, and these two clowns. It's a f...king comic strip watching them. They're like dried up old pies, without a drop of juice left in them, judging by their Neanderthal, knuckle grazing antics on here. Especially that Butch. I think the sun has soaked the life out of his brain. But seriously. What else are these moron left to do, but come on here 24/7, and try to make contact with something 'out there'. Because sure as hell there's nothing inside. Here's looking at you boys!!! Hic!! Buuurrrppp! Hic! Hic! Oh BTW. I here SAF is going to 'Ghost' manager Manure next season in case Moyes runs out of ideas, and toilet rolls.

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