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    Would Rooney be a good signing at £25m for Arsenal?

    The rumours of Rooney to Arsenal still persist on the net despite the fact that there's no news of Arsenal tabling a bid for the England International star services. What is clear though is Wenger is interested in him and Rooney has asked to leave, and his second transfer requests btw. But matching Rooney's £250k wages may prove to be a stumbling block for us. I just can't see the current Arsenal board agreeing to pay any player such an exorbitant wages, even if we can afford his wages, the knock-on effect of breaking our wage barrier for him means it's uneconomical for us.

    Some have suggested a basic wage of £160k per week with performance bonuses loaded on top of his wages to make it affordable for us, which I think is a very good idea and could work in our favour. I still think that Rooney would be a decent player to have in our team, although I've also read in many Man U forum that he's unfit, smokes alot and has attitude problems which sound to me like sour grapes. I think they are hurting badly that Rooney wants out of their club and they are just using such flimsy excuses to hide their disappointment and convince themselves that Rooney is a busted flush and hence expendable.

    Bearing in mind that 2014 is a World Cup year and most probably the last World Cup year for him at his prime. Rooney may also view the move to Arsenal, where he'd be assured a place in his preferred CF position, as the best chance to fulfill his largely unfulfilled potential at the world stage. Maybe it's the type of challenge that Rooney needs to realise his early promises.

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    • You have to be pretty gullible to think you have any sort of chance of signing Rooney. The fact you're even discussing it says you dont have much going on in your life.
      Sorry 'slayer', Rooney wont be joining you in this reality. Make a note of that.

    • The questions are, does he want to leave Utd and would he move to Arsenal.
      I don't think Arsenal would match his current salary structure so some give and take would be needed even if he was to be considered by Wenger.
      He is one of a few players that nearly every club in the world would want in their squad.
      I don't think SAF and Rooney saw Eye to Eye as Rooney is very head strong and his own person and SAF is more use to controlling people at the club and probably found Rooney too much hard work, but that's just my opinion.
      Still a great player and would do well at any club.

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      • "I don't think SAF and Rooney saw Eye to Eye as Rooney is very head strong and his own person and SAF is more use to controlling people at the club and probably found Rooney too much hard work, but that's just my opinion."

        Spot-on, Raider.

        At the end of the day, the most important thing for most clubs (Arsenal included) is the on-field performance. As long as he performs on the football pitch, most clubs are now willing to overlook the extra baggage these players bring with them.

        Read in the papers recently that Juve are trying to lure Tevez to the Stadio delle Alpi despite the fact that he's being trouble wherever he's been.

        Liverpool aren't willing to give up on Suarez and continue to back him to the tilts simply because he's very good for them on the pitch. Provided Rooney doesn't hand in request to leave every few months, lol ;-), most Gooners won't give a damn about his excesses as long as he performs and justifies his wages.

    • I find it hard to develop an opinion on whether I would happy or not if Rooney would be our big signing this summer.

      On the one hand Rooney has shown that when played as the teams central striker he can score 30 a year. On the other hand having sacrificed this position to RVP, it is difficult to get a grip on whether he still could score 30 as a teams main striker. He has not appeared crucial to Man U's title challenge but on the other hand they have a lot of depth going forward.

      His body type doesn't seem to lend itself for longevity, ie he is heavy set which is more taxing on the body structure and this can also mean that he will lose a half a step sooner rather than later and look what that did for Torres.

      I would try to support his signing and being familiar with the PL would be an advantage but for me the jury would be out on whether he would be good value or not. In contrast, to me there was no doubt that RVP was good value for Man U last summer.

      Going back to reality it seems unlikely to me that Rooney would want to come to Arsenal. Like it or not we would probably appear to him as a step back so IF he could go to Chelsea or PSG or an other club competing more regularly for national titles he would probably prefer that.

      I keep hoping for Higuain.

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      • Pretty much agree with that assessment Gov. Totally what im thinking but put across in a more efficient manner than I would have :)
        Saying that my only alternative/additional worry about him would be as John puts it...he could turn Arsenal into a circus.

      • Good football post, Gov.

        Here's an extract from a blog titled Why I’d love to see Wayne Rooney at Arsenal.written by Metro's Jamie Sanderson recently............. I think it explains why Rooney could be a good signing for us.

        "At 27, Rooney is at a crossroads. At his next club he will be expected to adapt quickly and find goals – and plenty of them – but at Arsenal, under the stewardship of Wenger, he can be moulded and adapted into an even better and more effective player.

        He could play a little deeper, the false nine perhaps, and with his ability to unlock defences and score and make goals, he would be the heartbeat of the side – just the role he craves.

        Arsenal could get the most of Rooney, and Wenger could help rejuvenate his fortunes. He has turned the inconsistent, aggressive Robin Van Persie into a calm and clinical goalscorer, and can tame Rooney’s infamous temper and get him primed to enjoy the best years of his career that are still ahead.

        As much as it doesn’t make sense at first, it does when you think about it – and I for one would love to see Wayne Rooney in an Arsenal shirt."

        I don't buy the argument that clubs like Arsenal are seen as a [step-down] for any player, Falcao and others recently proved that most players are only interested in their wallet first and foremost. Furthermore, the financial constraints at the club is loosening and Arsenal now have the money to compete for top players like Rooney as confirmed by Gazidi recently. I won't rule Arsenal out of the race to sign Rooney completely, especially if he's seen by the club as the catalyst to propel us to greater things. The money is there now unlike in previous seasons.

    • Typical slayer, Rooney was overrated when he was playing for United, but now Arsenal want him it's all different.

      First, Rooney denies asking for a move, and NO-ONE has claimed he put in a written transfer request.

      Second, his wages, according to United's books, are £160k per week, plus image rights, which some red-tops have guessed could be £90k per week.

      Third, he's going nowhere, and if he did, it definitely wouldn't be to Arsenal, why would he want to play for a club that never wins things, and why would United sell him to a rival?

      So, to summarise .... you and jul are BOTH wrong ... FACT!

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      • A "dumbfounded" Sir Alex Ferguson reveals that striker Wayne Rooney wants to leave

        Alex Ferguson: “I don’t think Wayne was keen to play because he’s asked for a transfer and he wants to think it through in his mind,” Ferguson said. “We’re not going to let him go.” BBC Sport.

        Why would Fergie made such statements, Rikki?

        Could you please post the link to said "United's books" for our perusal, Rikki

        "he's going nowhere" .....you mean like your infamous prediction of Jose Mourinho becoming the new Man U manager, Rikki?