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  • John John Jun 19, 2013 21:16 Flag

    Bacary Sagna

    Indications are that he is about to sign a twelve month extension, to 2015.

    Also Higuain looks likely to fly in soon for his medical, according to many press reports. Rooney and Jovetic have been priced out of Wengers range. All Wenger needs to do is meet Higuain's £150k p/w wage demand.
    Easy when you look at how much has just been released from the wage bill.

    Of course, this is pure speculation...but it's fun

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    • Jovetic's rumours seem like #$%$ to me from day 1, there's nothing to suggest up-to-date that Arsenal are interested in him other than the tabloid adding 2 plus 2 together and coming up with 5 as answer.

      On the other hand, Rooney's and Higuian's signings are still alive. Going by Wenger's most recent purchases (buying players with proven pedigree such as Cazorla, and Monreal) for the first team, I won't be too surprised if Wenger signs either Rooney or Higuian in this transfer window. Both are proven at club level and are exactly what we need unlike the work-in-progress Jovetic.

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      • Lets all dream and pretend that Wenger actually buys Higuain, Rooney and Fellaini.


        Now that 1st 11 would scare the pants off most teams.................

        Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I must be dreaming!

        Despite the Russian saying how much he likes Rooney I can't see Arsen buying both but if he did, what kind of message would that send out to other clubs and most of all, us fans!

    • For me, Higauin is my preferred choice between the 3 strikers you mention. Not so excited about Sagna staying and think it is only because the super tax he would pay if he went to PSG. I hope we get to see a lot more of Jenkinson next season.

      Higauin would be a massive signing!!!

      (For the ones who like to kick in an open door.... yes there is no guarantee that Higauin will be a success and other strikers with great track records from other leagues have failed in the PL so he would not be the first to flop bla bla bla.) This would a statement of intent and hint the old Wenger we all love might be on his way back.

    • If Sagna extends then I see it as a bonus. He wasnt great last year but he still has experience and has been a great defender in the past and can still be perfectly competant to do a job that we need done. I would expect to see much more of Jenkinson though next season. Sagna would probably get the nod for the bigger league games and CL games, but Jenkinson I reckon will be given plenty opportunities to show his worth and so could easily nail 1st team.
      Higuain is my 1st choice out of all the names being bandied around. Still wary as to whether Wenger will spend as much, but 150k wages is pie in the sky. They guy is only on 70K at Real, offer him 100 or just over and I would expect him to sign.