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  • Inter city Inter city Jun 23, 2013 14:15 Flag

    Something in the water?

    Reading this message board is what i imagine its like to walking into a mental hospital!
    You all genuinely believe (because your directors and the newspapers told you so) that you're now able to attract Rooney and are going to spend big and sign a plethora of big names?!?
    I think you all need to sit down and wind it in a bit. No Rooney wont be joining you in this world, that is a fact. You'll be lucky if Higuain joins to be frank, not that hes the player you need either.
    You need to replace Cesc, Nasri, Song, RVP...and then you STILL wont win the league! Ha! Get it??

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    • Do you really think we need you to tell us we need to replace Fabregas, Song and van Persie? You can have Nasri. Your problem is that you think everyone is as clever (!) or thick as you are. Professor Frank

    • I don't think many of us are convinced Rooney would be worth the gamble or the money, whether we would go for him or not. It doesn't take a genius to know we could easily afford him, which doesn't mean we would actually be willing to pay his excessive salary.

      How come you are so confident that, if we would sign Higauin, he would not be able to score 15-20 PL goals for us? Or differently said that he would be the wrong player? If he scores 15-20 PL goals for us he would be a positive addition. I would have thought that it would almost be accepted knowledge or believe that signing a striker is always a gamble that can work out both ways even with the same player. Torres looked like a no brainer when Liverpool signed him and proved to be just that. Clearly Chelsea thought he would be a no brainer but was not. Not many expected Michu or Benteke to be the big successes they were and than there are the many in between signing of neither total success or total failure, Giroud and Berbatov come to mind in this category, with Giroud still having a chance to prove able to improve on a solid first season at AFC.

    • jeeze not another to55er on these boards.

    • don't worry about us replacing players...How are you going to replace Fergie.......Goodbye Utd you won't even make top 5 this season