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  • John John Jun 25, 2013 16:35 Flag

    Higuain & Fellaini

    Whilst we await the announcement that Higuain will be on his way for a medical next week, news is out that Fellaini has demanded £100k p/w and that it could scupper the deal with Everton?

    That's #$%$ I'm sorry but if you're going to go to the bother of offering £23m for a player, you have to pay him £23m player wages. £100k p/w is reasonable by today's standards.

    Arsene shouldn't mind paying him the same as Walcott & Podolski, should he? Higuain's wage demand goes beyond the £130k p/w mark. And were apparently coughing up for that.

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    • I agree John, it seems to make little sense to buy a GBP 23 million player and pay him less than Podolski who was considerably less expensive. Having said that I don't believe this rumor at all. If Wenger wanted Fellaini, he would realize he would have to bump him up from his current 75k/week at Everton. More likely Wenger is not willing to buy 2 players that will cost him more than GBP 20 million each. So to me, if Wenger is at all interested in Fallaini it his his price tag rather than his weekly salary that would be the problem.

      Between spending big on Fallaini or Higauin I hope we will choose Higauin. I think it should be easier to find a very good defensive midfield player in the range from 12-20 million than a top striker. M'villa and Strootman come to mind in the lower price range.

    • Under paying wages has been the root of so many problems.
      If the club are truly looking to compete again then we have no alternative but to pay comparable salaries.
      Let's be honest, if we don't pay it someone else will and then you loose out on a very good player.

      I guess the real question is, do Arsenal think they can get a better player for £23m and £100k a week and if so, who?