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  • Raider Raider Jun 26, 2013 12:39 Flag

    Only two players rumoured

    Recently the only talk I have heard is the ongoing saga of Higuain and Fellaini joining the ranks at the Emirates.
    Surely this can't just be it, we obviously need a keeper and another defender, just in case!
    Mignolet has now gone to Liverpool which raises the Reina issue and the early reports of various fullbacks and CBs have wilted.
    The latest report is that Negredo wants out so will Arsen be sniffing, who knows, but the only re-occurring names are the top two.
    If Arsen does pull off the Higuian deal and Fellaini or someone of that ability comes in too, then things will be moving in the right direction, we would still need a bit more quality but at least a change in policy would be shown and a light at the end of the tunnel.

    The garbage about Rooney to Arsenal has now changed direction and Barca are in the frame, but assuming Arsen did make enquiries about Rooney and Negredo, who would suit Arsenal best?

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    • I've seen rumours that we are still in the hunt for another keeper. Links have been made with :-
      Victor Valdes, Rene Adler & Federico Marchetti.

      Others mentioned have been:- Adil Rami - Central defender & Francisco (Isco) Suárez - Attacking midfielder.

      Rumours will continue to build and as soon as the transfer window opens officially next week, it will no doubt go mad.

      It looks very hopeful that we will get both Fellaini and Higuain early in the window. Both major targets in our squad have quashed rumours of a move away, so I don't think we will lose any big names this year. (fingers crossed)