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    12 million for Baines?

    That's a highway robbery if Man U can pull it off. Without a doubt, Leighton Baines is the most creative and best player at Goodison Park. I think Everton would be mad to let him go that cheaply as similarly skilled player in Europe would cost at least 25 million pounds.

    Goes to show the folly of some posters on here who blame Arsenal for dragging their heels on the ludicrous 23 million pounds release clause in Fellaini's contract. The club would be bankrupt left to these people.

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    • Actually I think Baines is worth between 12 - 15 mill. His age counts against him. He may be Everton's main man...but he plays for Everton. That counts against them. Sad as it is but the smaller teams will always be rail roaded because the bigger teams know that the player will want to move so just need to offer something and said player will be obviously unsettled. Will be interesting to see how this ends up. Almost guaranteed Everton will not get more than 15 for him. Shame but true. Smaller teams have very little to stand on and will rarely get similar value that bigger teams would for their best players. If Baines was at Utd and being similarly influential for Utd, Chelsea came calling, Baines would be a 20+mill player no doubt.

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      • I couldn't disagree more, Radge2def.

        Yes, Everton are a small club just like Spurs and are under no obligation to sell their prized assets below market price especially when the player in question has 3 or more years in his contract.

        A good example of smaller clubs sticking to their guns is Daniel Levy and the way he dealt with Man U re: Berbatov. The player wanted to leave WHL and even handed in a written transfer request to force his way (if my memory still serves me well), but Levy refused to under-sell until Man U met their asking price. Also, there are recent examples of Phil Jones, Jordan Henderson, etc, who went for their real market values despite the fact that they were sold by smaller clubs to big clubs.

        I don't buy the age argument either. At 32, Ashley Cole is still performing at the top level, and he's still considered as one of the best left backs in the country, there's no reason not to suggest that Baines will also still be a very good left back when he reaches 32, that's 5 seasons of out of Baines who rarely miss a game for Everton. I think the 12m offer by Man U is a derisory offer for Baines as the player is easily worth double that amount in the open market even at his age. What you've got to remember is Baines is just coming into his prime and hardly ever gets injured, so whoever buys him will be getting a robust player.

    • Baines worth £25m?

      I dont think so Slayer!