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    Arsenal lodged £20m bid for Rooney

    This latest news about Arsenal's bid for Rooney has a ring of truth to it, and I'd be surprised if the club haven't done their prep job to ensure that the player really wants to come and play for us. Although, there has been no official confirmation from Man U that a bid has been made for the England striker, but it remains to be seen whether Rooney will still be at OT at the end of the transfer window. Additionally, Moyes would try and sweet talk Rooney to abandon his plan to leave the club when the two ex- Evertonians finally meet up sometime this week but I can't see Rooney changing his mind especially with RVP still at the club.

    'The Busby Babe' forum are now speculating that the wantaway Rooney is probably off to pastures new if reports of a bid for his services is true. Lets hope so, but I still don't know how Arsenal can match his current £250k per week wages. To have the chance to play in his much preferred CF position, Rooney would have to take some sort of pay cut at Arsenal. Still alot of unknown in this rumour which hopefully we would find out soon.

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    • It takes a naive soul with a poor head on his shoulders to believe the tripe wheeled out in the papers presently. £20m wouldnt buy Rooneys left peg and there is no chance he will want to take a pay cut to join us in our quest for 4th place again regardless of the fact he can stay and fight for trophies under Moyes or wait for the likes of barcelona or madrid to come sniffing for his services

      Slayer they call you? More like Sleigh-bellend.

      I believe Rooney may just need a fresh challenge, but emirates stadium is a dream too far Im afraid and youd be wise to refrain from commenting further on the subject in order to not look anymore foolish, if thats possible sleigh bell-end.

    • The only "ring of truth" is that it would be typical of Wenger to underbid for someone and then lose out because of his miserly attitude.

      The People says Wenger bid for Torres; any "ring of truth" about that as well?

    • Still desperate slayer?

      United don't get started again until July 1st, which is also when the transfer window opens.

      Everything you've heard or read until now has been made up by sports writers with nothing else to report, Rooney has spoken to no-one, and United have made no statements.

      If United stick to form, they will not sell Rooney to Arsenal or Chelsea, ask Heinze how it works.

      Apart from which, what came first, 'football, or 'soccer'??

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      • Don't be naive, Rikki.

        Yes, the window doesn't officially open until tomorrow morning, but that in itself means jack-shyte when it comes to agents trying to enrich themselves. Unhappy players are like gold dust and godsend for them at this time of the year. Take my advise Rikki, don't bank on Rooney not signing for Arsenal or Chelsea. Players and their agents are too powerful figures in the game nowadays and you can't force a player to join a club he doesn't want to join. The Glazers are businessmen, first and foremost, not your typical Man U fans. If Rooney doesn't agree to extend his contract this summer, he would be sold to either the highest bidder or the club of Rooney's choosing. The notion that the Glazers would be willing to take a hit and lose million of pounds on a disgruntled player who doesn't want to be there is ludicrous to say the least. Wise up!