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  • JamesB JamesB Jul 1, 2013 17:11 Flag

    My Life in a Nutshell...

    I just woke up, and I was out in the scrub, in Australia, without two pennies to rub together. That was until I got sectioned for alcohol abuse, and benefit fraud. Now I'm half blind, and cant seem to make sense of anything, especially on The Arsenal board. Its all a bit of a blur, living out in the bush....Like my life I suppose.
    Much Love from Denpasar. Well the back yard and a few, tinnies, underneath a banana tree.
    Rikki Altree( aka) The Cairns Tea Leaf.
    PS. I wish I could come home. I do miss England,
    now that summer's there.
    But I'm afraid its a bit too late now, and I'll have to endure what's left of my life,
    being called a Pommie Barstard & Bar Fly

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