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  • JamesB JamesB Jul 2, 2013 20:45 Flag

    Breaking News......

    ......on the Bali bound back packer Rikkits ('Is In my Bones') Altree. Last seen humping it over Gunung Raung mountain range, still miles from his destination and totally lost. A friend of mine who lives in Cooktown Queensland, who built a large white house on a hill overlooking the bay, said that someone matching his description, stop there and ask him the way to Amarillo(he was #$%$ at the time) so Ben (my mate) said he 'showed him the way to Amarillo' alright, and sent him packing on the road to Musgrave, a one horse town with one pub, miles from Cairns, called 'The Limp Wristed Dingo' a real dog of a place. Ben said he nearly wet himself laughing watching him go. He said, we've got a live one there. What a mongrel.
    Back with more news as soon as it breaks. Watch this space.