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  • Raider Raider Jul 4, 2013 11:51 Flag

    Suarez or Jovetic?

    If you believe the papers you will believe any thing!
    We are on the brink of buying Higuain and if that does go through we have a top striker.
    Rumours are flying around about Rooney and Fellaini but the latest #$%$ is we are putting in offers for Suarez or possibly Jovetic, now Juve are backing out!

    Whilst I don't believe any of them will be joining Arsenal, if it was a straight decision on who should join Higuain up front, Suarez or Jovetic I would be torn between the two.

    Suarez has PL experience and is a class act but has so, so much baggage and would worry me with his attitude.
    Jovetic is also a top player and not so much the goal scorer like Suarez but thats what Higuain is being bought for so a false number 9 role is where I see Jovetic.

    Who would we benefit from most, that's assuming it was a possibilty?

    I think I would have to go for Suarez despite the grief he would bring the club, but he would bring goals too and goals win games.

    To be honest if we sign Higuain and a quality midfielder plus Keeper and defender I would be happy, anything else would be a bonus!

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