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  • Rick Rick Jul 4, 2013 17:10 Flag

    Rooney next

    That's the Argentinian in the bag. Now for Rooney to link up, and we'd have one over Van Persie. and Utd. Wouldn't that be sweet revenge, after sticking with him for so long? Suarez would do, at a pinch, too.

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    • I'd wait until the signing of Higuain is officially announced if I were you, you know how it goes when competing for signatures against clubs with bottomless purses.
      If Arsenal do finally sign him, hopefully the guy will continue to show the quality he has in the past for Real. Much better deal on paper than the ManIOU one for RVP surely? RVP is nearing the end of his better years. Higuain? Just about to peak!

      Much love