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  • JamesB JamesB Jul 5, 2013 15:30 Flag

    Ticket to ride...

    I've just booked a ticket/flight to Cleethorpes. The flight cost £5.10(bring your own packed lunch and parachute) and unbelievably, the airport tax was £20. When I said that was ridiculous, 'I could get to Australia on that'. The cheeky basterd suggested I do just that, and while I'm about it, don't come back. I couldn't believe it. As I left he called after me saying, I might wont to try one of their specials to Denpasar, Bali, a package deal on the beach, for a monkey, and he'd throw in a pair of chop sticks, and thongs with it. I was mortified. And when he said I would have to fly from Cairns in Australia. And I said how the F was I supposed to get there, and he said ' on a bloody banana boat like everyone else, dummy'. Needless to say, I wont be going to Cleethorpes this year. Maybe Denpasar next year, if I can stretch the Benefits.

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    • Why don't you just take it on the chin, Gillian, you were found out lying, it can't be the first time it's happened to you. So you pretended to have been to Australia, that's hardly a crime. Like making up phantom friends in a place called Urunga, that you've never been to. How were you to know, when you stuck a pin in a map of Australia, that there would be someone on the forum who knew the place? It was a million to one chance, you almost got away with it, why didn't you just admit you were lying and leave it there, why carry it on, making up non-existent friends?. Then there was your hilarious story about being shipwrecked in the South China Sea; we were willing to take it as a joke, especially your claim that you were rescued by an Australian ship and dropped off in Freemantle. Just your bad luck that the TRUE story was available through Google, and the rescue ship was an American patrol boat. You should have laughed it off, but you chose to dig a deeper hole and claim you worked on a hospital ship in Vietnam during the war, you really should have found out first that everyone working on the ship was German. It's hardly my fault that you're such a bad liar. So lets draw a line under this, your intoxicated ramblings are hardly helping your cause, so be a man, give it up, you're losing badly and looking demented. Admit defeat, apologise, and get on with your life, such as it is, you know it makes sense.