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  • Govinda Govinda Jul 6, 2013 07:03 Flag

    Higauin on a 3 year contract?

    Probably just an other dumb rumor, but I have read in a few articles that we will sign Higauin to a 3 year contract. That would be a mistake in my opinion. One good season and we would be in a renewal conversation and if he does not want to renew by the end of the 2nd we have an other potential "want away" who holds the cards over us.

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    • If and it's a big IF we were to sign Higuain I would expect at least a 4 year deal for the most expensive player the club would have ever bought!
      The rumour is that RM are still trying to push for more money whilst Arsenal are holding out for the orginal agreed fee.
      Even if we have to pay the £25 million qouted it would still represent good business for a player of his ability and also age!

    • There is a clear logic to your ­argument, Marintii, and I'm in agreement that more than 3 years would have been better for the club in this case. Having said that, I can also understand why the club would push for an initial 3 year deal as that would lessen the financial burden on the club should Higuain fail to live up to expectations. Given the difficulties experienced by the club recently in moving players like Arshavin on who failed to deliver, it could be that the club are now trying not to overcommit on contracts which is reasonable but we don't want a situation where the player has a great first season and suddenly become a problem for us as you highlighted.

      I'd prefer an initial 3 years contract with an automatic option for the club to extend his contract for a further year
      similar to the one Man U struck with Berbatov when they signed him. That way, we would cover ourselves against greedy agents trying to milk his client's success so early.

    • Govinda I sense you are starting to doubt wengers (false) promises. You should, hes not changed the past 8 years why would he now?
      Higuain is waiting for a better offer, which would obviously also include staying if hes in ancelottis plans. I doubt wenger has a contingency plan so if it falls through it will be like previous years 'happy with what weve got' blah blah