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  • Every year we are put through the same old rubbish will we buy wont we buy.
    It will be the last day of transfer deadline before we buy then it will be who ever is left and
    nobody else wont. But what ever! There will never be another team, not after 66 years of support.

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    • Are you drunk Sandra?

      Do you know Ducati Dodge?

      At least we're only selling off the #$%$ this year! LOL

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      • You watch your bloody language Baptist. You have nothing to crow about on here, especially about others. So shut your f...g trap, #$%$... You are a balding, middle aged, man with family. You should be attending to them if you were half decent. Instead playing silly buggers on here. Does your family know what you say on here, and what others think about you? . Using your work computer, when you should be working. You lazy fat pr..k. Act your bloody age.

    • Wasn't it only last summer that Arsenal signed up Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski early window? Don't let the newspaper hype get you down, Arsenal, as they stand, have a great squad of players. Spurs are absolutely desperate to sign a striker and have thus far failed. The best players, whether already unearthed or otherwise, do not grow on trees. I trust Wenger to find the gems the club needs.
      Damn the rumour mill, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts I say.