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    Is Suarez a smoke screen?

    The rumours of Arsenal putting in a bid of 30 million for Suarez came as a shock for most of us and to be honest we probably all thought it was a joke, and still may be.

    We are aware that Real Madrid are looking at him and should they buy him they would probably look to let Higuain leave without to much fuss.

    Is it possible that Wenger has only just got the ball rolling with a view to getting his target "Higuain" or does he really think he could pick up Suarez for less then £40 million? which is really unlikely!

    There is also good news or should I say rumours of Arsen being interested in Abate, if this is true he has my vote
    He is a quality full back with skill!

    The other big headline is the moveback of Cesc which probably wont happen this season if at all.
    Lets see what game time he gets this year now Neymar has joined Barca, it could be a different story next season but not this time.

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    • The thing to take from all the news stories about, is.......a pinch of salt. It's fun to speculate and join in the news stories from the tabloids etc, but very few of them actually know what's going on.

      If some thought Rooney would turn The Emirates into a circus, Suarez would be the big top! He's a great and talented player, but BOY does he attract the wrong kind of attention! I hope it's pure rumour and speculation.

      As for Cesc? Well Neymar I guess is in to replace David Villa on the wing, so Cesc is still in the same boat as last year. Iniesta is arguably the best midfielder in the world, so any chance Cesc gets would be if he's tired or unfit. I would be happy to see him back, but the chances are very slim I would guess.

      Higuain is still the main target. Not sure what's happening with Cesar or any others. Abate is a great player and would fit in if Sagna goes. Don't know if Milan would be willing to sell him though. I'd like to see more of Jenkinson next year. I think he's got a great future.

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      • Oh Loooook! The Ageing Bald Badger(formally 'JKThe Gooner'(and that's a bloody laugh in itself) has spoken. His sh..t piles up so high on here , you need wings to stay above it. Come on JK, Friar Tuck, lets have another of your gems. Lets have one of your 'really' funny jokes, that break your kids up, and leave the adults bemused.

      • I believe that the Suarez thing was a tactic to try and get Real moving with Higuain.
        Many reasons as to why I believe that but 1) likely price (30mill!? lol and everyone in football is loling) 2) Suarez's attitude. I dont think there is a less Wengerish player in the whole of European football. We are now waiting on Real finding a suitable replacement for Higuain. As soon as they do that, Higuain will be in Arsenal colours. Hopefully Ancelotti is not REALLY wanting him and is open to him moving.