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  • Jacks Jacks Jul 11, 2013 22:39 Flag

    Altree - u av male

    Y is it you call everyone by different names from time to time, and always respond to different names and the #$%$ thrown at you day after day, yourself. Obviously it takes one to know one, they say. You are no exception. In fact, if the sh.t sticks, then wear it. Like the sh.t you've been blowing out of your backside ever since you found a place to dump your nonsense. Pour another one down you neck Butch, and respond after. That's the way it goes isn't it?

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    • I think that nailed the cu..t Butch 'All #$%$'. Doesn't answer, 'cos the truth leaves him cold. Just like his mate John The Brockworth Baptist, continually walking around with Arsene Wengers boot, stuck firmly up the big mouth's ar...e. Think he's flash pr..k, and a real slap head. Deserves all that Manure can chuck at him.