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  • Govinda Govinda Jul 15, 2013 06:26 Flag

    How inapt are we in the transfer market?

    There has been a lot of focus on us signing a top striker to feel one of the gaping holes in our squad. It is also more and more likely that we will not sign any of the top strikers mentioned in the press in relation to leaving their current squads. (Higauin, Benteke, Suarez, Jovetic, Bony). This would be a very disappointing development for us. Although some could rightfully argue that a development insinuates something new and that not being able to sign or not being willing to sign a top quality striker is nothing new for Wenger and the rest of the "transfer team" (if they exist).

    But what about a Keeper and DM? What are the excuses for not signing anyone there? Cesar? supposedly we made a GBP 1.5 million offer so he now seems to be on his way to Roma. Kevin Strootman? Also on his way to Italie for about GBP 13 million.

    It seems Falainni's buy out close expires 14 August. Sound familiar? Yes I recall we more or less had Mata in the bag until we let his buy-out clause run out and could not longer compete with Chelsea for him.

    It becomes harder and harder to believe it is not our own fault that we have not managed to sign any player of note this window, and it becomes harder and harder to believe we are not being played by the club once again with all their promises of finally being able to sign top players.

    Who is working day and night right now to bring in the 3 players we desperately need? I saw Gazidis's mug on a photo with Wenger in Azia so he isn't, add to that the big time difference and you can be pretty sure we are not firing on all cylinders with respect to signing any new players.

    I was very hopeful of this transfer window but with each passing day I start to worry that nothing has changed with respect to our transfer dealings.

    It took an epic spanking by Man U to trigger Wenger into some panic buying. Wenger is clearly not a visionary man so maybe yesterday"s 7-0 victory makes him believe we can win the PL.

    I hope I am wrong.

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