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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Jul 15, 2013 14:46 Flag

    Make Our Day Butch....

    Seems I nailed you ,again Rikki ,Judging by the response. Absolutely outstanding result. Couldn't have asked for more. Keep posting Altree, it gets more bemusing by the day. Lets see now. There's Gilly, Comb Over, The Yank - the Well Hung Cowboy(just love the way you swallowed all that), Urunga (BTW how's the daughter Butch?) I live in Cairns(came over(dragged) from England on a £10 assisted passage, funded for by The Salvation Army) on a Steamer, as a snotty nosed kid, and sent to a camp for boys, in Queensland, where you received an education in scrub management, and sheep (shagging)shearing. After years on the trail, and saddle sore in more ways than one, you are now unemployed, sacked, as you couldn't keep your sticky fingers out of the till, and drank at work being alcoholic. Now you spend your days in isolation with your only friend, a computer for company. A life well wasted, and not so well lived. Would all that be about right Butch?? Please fill in the blanks for us, so that we can keep an updated record of your 'achievements'. Oh! and I just found out where the speed trap lights are in Urunga, and where the mens toilets are in the RSL at Sawtell, NSW. Oh dear oh dear! I'm sorry Butch, I've got to stop now, its all too overwhelming to take in at the moment. Plus I'm pis ing myself laughing so much I cant see the screen for tears. Give us another batch of names and pickys tomorrow OK?

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