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    Arteta...the unsung hero

    United have lauded Carricks part in their title winning season and yet Arsenal have a Spanish gem that has outshone the lanky yid in just about EVERY department, no, not Cazorla, but Arteta.
    A quick perusal of the stats available on the web will show you just how much Arteta has outshone the glory boys favourite. Arteta not only outshines the lanky one in most departments, but also the likes of Yaya Toure. Our lad has the best pass completion rate in the Prem for example.

    Unfortunately the powers that be at Yahoo have stopped my Fab self from supplying links, so you'll have to have a look yourselves. One HILARIOUS find was of an article in The Sun of a table supposedly showing Carricks greater prowess compared to other similar Prem players,only for the table to show Arteta winning hands down in the stats department.

    I myself was ecstatic when Arsenal signed Arteta after bending to the will of Fabregas. The guy was great for Everton and is now even better at Arsenal.

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    • No doubt that Arteta has been one of our key players the last two seasons. He adds experience and a professional attitude with his willingness to play for the team (last season he did not play in his preferred position but got the job done without complaining.). For me his signing showed us the importance of having experience in the team and the benefit of signing PL proven players. I don't think we would have finished in the top 4 in his first season with out him, no matter how spectacular RVP was.