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  • JamesB JamesB Jul 18, 2013 17:29 Flag

    More breaking wind from Rikki....HRH Gillian Browm

    Look at him squirm with pain at being got at, all over the place......lets have some more pics Butchy boy, and don't forget to mention how you're getting on finding a wifi hotspot in your back yard, and when your next 'Black Op' is. Thrilling stuff. How does it go Rick? "Denpasar Bound" Got a ticket to my destination, where my Johnny is waiting, Homeward Bound. I wish I was homeward bound, Home where I'm buggered if I do, and buggered if I don't come up with something to counter this continued assault on my manhood and my pride. That former poster got it right when he said you'd top yourself if these boards collapsed...pmsl!!!!

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