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  • John John Jul 19, 2013 08:46 Flag

    Could it be?

    “The competition in Europe is very hard at the moment, there’s a lot of money and not many players. We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.” - A Wenger

    "The writing is on the wall that we wont be signing any big names this summer" writes one blogger.

    Higuain deal appears dead because Real Madrid got greedy at the last minute. In fact another target Asier Illaramendi then joined Real Madrid soon after. Leverkuesen turned down our bid for Bender.

    In the meantime, we got rid of a load of deadwood, freeing up wages. The latest being Santos. But the only player we have brought in was free!

    Talk all you want about Rooney & Suarez, but they don't look likely to join us because their clubs do not want to sell.

    In Asia, Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, Ox et al have been showing the boss how good they can be (albeit against weak opposition). Even Akpom and Chuks are proving they aren't bad. Just as well when you hear that Vermaelen will be out of action until November because of a stress fracture in his back.

    Time is ticking away. There is no magic shop where you buy what players you want. You need to have good people on the ground looking for the deals and doing the negotiation. Not Gazidis with his short arms and deep pockets.

    There is still time but we desperately need a Goalie, a Defensive Midfielder and a Striker.

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    • Id be concerned about his comments over your smashing in goals for fun against the asian teams, take it from someone who knows Wengers strange behaviour better than most!

      Wenger is demonstrating that he is as DELUSIONAL as ever, and most of you here should really have known better.

      Tut tut!

    • This is my trying to be optimistic transfer window so I am going to remain hopeful a little longer. Having said that it does seem very possible that we will not bring in a top striker and it does seem like this is down to poor management. Why wait for Napoli to receive GBP 55 million to replace their striker, if we are willing to offer 35-40 for Suares why not pay that early in the summer for Hiagain? Why let Jovetic go to City for much less than seem to offer for Suarez?

      Logically the only long shot odds are:

      1. In return for not exercising our right of first refusal on Fabregas Man U get us Rooney who agrees reluctantly. (bad deal for us because this would strengthen Man U more than us)

      2. We make a GBP 40+ offer for Suarez and it gets accepted. (2% chance?)

      3. We settle for Benteke. (more likely we realize we should have gone for him once we stand empty handed at the end of the market and we see him score at will for Spurs who did sign him.)

      I keep dreaming and think Suarez would be great.

      PS maybe we should higher a multitasker so we can go after more than just one player at a time.