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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Jul 19, 2013 14:27 Flag

    Suarez, Rooney....now MATA?!!

    Why doesn't old prune face go the whole way and make a £30m bid for Messi??!!!

    Come on sheeple, the infamous panic buy spending frenzy on utter garbage that Wenger jumped into with both eyes closed (after we raped you 8-2) was comical, but this summer he's taken clueless to a whole new level.

    Does he really believe that because we took RVP off you that he can do the same to us bigger clubs???!

    He is delusional, STILL! Surely you must be worried?!

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    • hi mate, keeping well? Deeply worried but waiting till the end of the window. If Benteke goes to Spurs and we end empty handed once again, the gap to the top 3 will likely widen instead of shrink and we might get more competition from Spurs now that they will have bought 2 big players (in this scenario) and be in their 2nd season under a talented coach.

      I hope Wenger errs on the other side of the spectrum and pays GBP 40 (too much) for Suarez.

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      • Hi Willem, Im very well thankyou - hope life is treating you kindly.....although I must admit I'll be a lot happier with a couple quality midfielders coming in soon. Like you say, there is plenty of time, but in your case their are some familiar warning signs emanating from your old spin doctor and tightwad of a manager!

        If Spurs can keep hold of AVB I think he's got a good shot at being the one to really take them to the next level, he's doing good things there.

        Do you think £40m is too much for Suarez? Im surprised Real Madrid aren't at the head of the queue for him, or Chelski for that matter.