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  • Jacks Jacks Jul 20, 2013 00:12 Flag

    Altree U av mail

    Did you miss this one then Altree. or were you busy blowing more sh..t out your ar..e??

    "Why is it you call everyone by different names all the time. And why do you always respond to different names given to you, and all the sh..t thrown at you day after day?. Obviously it takes one to know one, they say, and you are no exception. In fact, if the sh.t sticks, then wear it. Like the sh.t you've been blowing out of your backside ever since you found a place to dump it. Which is why certain people comment that, if there wasn't these place to stop you dying of self contempt(loathing) and loneliness, you'd have to top yourself. Pour another one down you neck Butch, and then respond afterwards. That's the way it goes isn't it? Every weekend. The same pattern. A self confessed liar, and sad sack. Phone a friend, if you have one left.

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