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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Jul 23, 2013 19:29 Flag

    3RD Suarez bid made

    However his release clause is £40m, and weve bid 35 with 7.5 as add-ons so they may reject again.

    I dont like the player and dont see why he would leave liverpool for us when he wants out of england and to step up (yes we have CL football but still arent serious challengers), but he is one heck of a player. Could have got Higuain cheaper. Arsene isnt at the races anymore this wreaks of desperation.

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    • I think this might go to court and leave us stranded. We are likely doing the work for Real and Spurs.

      It seems Higauin doesn't want to go to Italie and is dying for us to make an other offer and I think we should put our pride away and buy him. He would caost less that the 40 we offered for Suarez. As it stands he will likely go to Italie leaving Real ready to pounce of Suarez who will have been dislodged at Liverpool thanks to our weak efforts to sign him.

      Should Real buy Bale for the 80 million that is rumoured now, Spurs could also buy any striker they want and would be more cash rich than we are.

      If Suarez's contract goes to court for interpretation of the 40 million pound clause too much time will be taken and we will end up empty handed.

      I believe Suarez is out of reach and other suitors for him like Real are just watching were this will settle and move in at the last moment.

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      • Spurs should buy bale it would secure them top 4 with the players they could buy if they can get £80m or more.
        Even man utds £26m first bid for cesc was just a ruse to see if we would enter into things. It seems all the big clubs know they can get one over us and know our hand before we do. Wenger is out of his depth at these sums it appears.