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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Jul 24, 2013 09:58 Flag

    Bet Rooney becomes number one target

    Once Higuain moves elsewhere and suarez wrangles on until madrid snap him up it leaves us with little options for the big name promised by wenger.
    Reports suggest rooney wants chelsea but united wont deal with them and they owe us.
    We have shown we can pay even more than what chelsea have bid for rooney (£30m), we can meet his wages they say, his wife is ok with moving to london now too.
    Moyes doesnt want to sell but given wengers desperation dont be surprised if this is the player we spend the rest of our time chasing running down til the final day of the window, only to fail naturally.

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    • I wouldnt mind him joining you.
      Hes almost 28.
      Hes fat, smokes, drinks, eats burgers and chips still most probably.
      His wages are extortionate.
      Despite his goals and occasional flash of brilliance his touch is poor and so is his overall performance.
      He only has 2 years left on his contract, so £30m will do nicely.
      He questioned our ambition so we signed RVP and win the title and he sulks about not being a guaranteed starter.
      On the plus side for you I think he'd add some drive and power to your lackluster attack, and wenger might be able to bring something out of him with his different style of football, plus you arent a team we have to worry about for the league!
      Dont think hed join you though. If hes questioned our ambition hes a couple pennies short of a pound sure but hes not some dumb to not notice your lack of ambition!