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    I couldn't DISAGREE more with Billy The Kid

    • 1 hour 9 minutes ago

    Billy The Kid says,
    "The summer transfer season should be cut to a maximum 4 weeks as the present term seems to bring out the worst in everyone. I'm fed up of the papers winding everyone up about petulant boys who want more money and nicer weather to play in. Players should be forced to see out their contracts and transfer fees cut as a result."

    MCMXCIX says,
    Why would Billy wants to get rid of what has become an important entertaining period of the season for fans? Yes, most of the links are regurgitated rubbish made up by lazy journos purely to draw unsuspecting readers to their sites and therefore to improve their advertising revenues -every click counts. Let the reader beware!

    Additionally, a situation where players are forced to see out their contracts is impractical as most of us won't be happy and productive at work when employers deny people the chance to better themselves elsewhere regardless of the sums of money involved.

    It's all part of the fun of being a football fan, Billy. Just don't get too carried away that your supported team would sign X, Y and Z players when the finances to justify those signings aren't available to the club.

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