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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Jul 28, 2013 09:36 Flag

    Rikki. On the Fiddle.....

    Oh for Christ sake. Can you believe it....Rickety is a music enthusiast as well.........!!! When will he ever stop his tedious b....llocks on here. he really is a fifties child if not sooner....shut your cake hole Butch, you've just ruined any chance of JJ Cale legacy being passed on. What an silly old git, you are. Oh by the way, I need more pics, and name suggestions for my album, its going to be amusing to publish. Looking forward.

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    • Hahaha, I really p..s you off!!

      First thing every day, get up, check Yahoo, get angry, have another drink, write more childish c**p in the vain but futile hope that it annoys someone.

      Send the missus back on, hic, let's hear more about her responsible job, and how she's going to get the police onto me?

      What a pair of w***ers you are!


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      • Well now, seems the 10 pound POM is still up guzzling from last night. Some weekend Eh Butch?? How's the head? Oh dear, I'm really!! 'childish' and incensed by an old git like you. I don't think so, your kind of 'humour, and likes, went out with the Ark. Oh! dear, was that vain and futile of me Butch? Much like trying to swat blow fly's away in Cairns(I live in Cairns' Are you sure its not somewhere else?PMSL) I imagine.
        While looking forward to your instant response, I'll just put on the kettle and have a nice cup of tea, while you clear your head with a few more cans. And please try to cheer up. We are all concerned about your state of health.