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  • I think Liverpool would be foolish not to find a quick solution to his contract clause wrangling or else his presence around the club would do more harm than good for them.

    I know it's only a friendly match against a weak Thai side, watching him again today, he looked lost to me. RVP had the same look on him in training at the Colney last pre-season before his move was sanctioned. It's sad for them losing a talented player of Suarez's calibre but they need to get rid of a player who obviously don't want to be there and move on from the Suarez's era.

    As Arsenal are the only bidder, it's more frustrating for Liverpool that Real Madrid aren't interested in Suarez which understandably makes it more difficult for the club. With the start of the new season not long to go, I'd take the money now if I were them and invest wisely on players who will fight for shift rather than let this daily Suarez saga hang over the club with the risk of his problem affecting other members of the the squad. Keeping Suarez against his wish is bound to be counter-productive for them as he'd most likely sulk his way through a season.

    But hey, what do I know?

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