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  • Jacks Jacks Jul 28, 2013 23:02 Flag

    How Much! Who Gives a.....

    Why the bloody hell should we know? Its not in a fans remit to know the in and outs of clubs financial health, or dealings. His or hers responsibility lays with the support of said club, plus; having experienced the very best through a manager, to have a little more belief in his decisions. He hasn't led us too far wrong(and please don't give me that old broken record, about 7 years blah blah blah,) when one considered the wheeler dealings of less principals managers and players. The money has little or nothing to do with us, outside of the price we pay to watch out team. And if, as I suspect, some here, have to pay Sky their extortionate fee for the privilege, then tough titties. I go to watch football, and I don't wear a white collar and tie, and carry a bloody laptop to games to keep an eye on their financial state while watching the game. Some of you people on here are so wound up with transfer bull, and about the kind money that you will never have, talking about it as though you read it in some bloody book, its a wonder you get round to football at all. Incidentally, for what its worth, Arsenal are the most financially healthy club around, need I remind some? Including the morally, and financially, bankrupt Man U. & supporters. They will start to feel the full weight of failure under a manager who I feel, is quite some way out of his comfort zone, and well out of his depth. Also, Arsenal still have a team capable of launching a challenge, with or without buying. But that's to be seen, but at least its talking football, not bloody finance. Wake up, FFS! And you Butch, you stupid old git, shut your cake hole before you start. Okay?

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    • Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen Jul 29, 2013 02:22 Flag

      "we pay to watch out [sic] team."

      Hahaha, that's a joke, you haven't watched 'your' team since the days of the North Bank, decades ago!

      You never talk football on here, just childish insults, so to run other supporters down is laughable, not with you, AT you!


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      • T is next to R, dummy. Clean your magnifying glass Butch. The North Bank and Old Trafford is something you haven't seen, or ever will. So shut your trap Butch, we have all had enough of your #$%$ on here. Or are you so thick skinned, and long in the tooth, to realise this? Sorry! Yes of course you are. How remiss of me not to remember that. I hate abusing old men, but sometimes you deserve it Butch. Take a leaf out of your own book, when it comes to 'childish insults' "gillygillyossen feffercatssonellorbogen by the sea"!!!!!?????? you're kidding, of course? BIG mistake Butch. No! in fact, HUGE! that had the boys in fits. And watch out for those speed traps outside Urunga Butch. And don't get too #$%$ when you're in Sawtell RSL next time. You wont be able to find your way to the mens/ladies toilet.

      • I told you to shut your mouth Butch, before you once again, fill it with your own boot..........misquoting like an old geriatric would, to preserve what's left of any respectability you may have left, on the Mank board, but not here. So take a hint for a change, get yourself a real woman to slap you around, keep your mouth shut, and give your bloody backside a chance. You are a joke, that even a 'little' Fab, can have over anytime he likes., and make a mockery of you.

      • Heheheheheheheee!

        Lookie what the cat dragged in! Surely Rikki has more to say on the £70m question?

        One makes a perfectly Sound assumption that 'Wriggling Rikk' has made a complete fool of himself, yet again!

        Have a gay day!