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  • Govinda Govinda Jul 29, 2013 15:41 Flag

    Is this the reason for all our injuries? :-)

    "But what we look for is their motivation to be successful. You also need consistency in your motivation and that is what we try to test in players as well.

    For me that is a very underrated quality. It means they are determined and they are ready to hurt themselves to be successful, and that's the type we are looking for - the people that are very demanding with themselves, and each other for a long time."

    Ready to hurt themselves? That's too funny! I am sure he didn't mean it that way but it could be great material for foes and comedians.

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    • Hilarious stuff.....almost as funny as the fact that RVP is injured and ManIOU have been accused of barbarism for their training methods.

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      • Hilarious stuff - it certainly is Pixie as you make yet another unsound assumption.

        Van Persie is NOT injured; he was on the bench today and came on in the 79th minute.

        As for Raymond Verheijen, he has a history of calling other people's training methods and is known more for his spasmodic outbursts than his coaching ability.

        The fact that Verheijen has worked at City and Chelsea but not for any length says more about his perceived lack of ability than anything else.