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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Jul 29, 2013 17:19 Flag

    Unsound assumption

    Gotta hand it to the glory supporting fake manchunians, they certainly have an incredible knack of digging themselves holes by shooting their large mouths off. Who was it who said a little knowledge is dangerous?

    Care to 'batter' Fab some more? I mean, you do seem to have dropped the subject of 'unsound assumption' mighty quick for two glory boys supposedly pounding me into submission after all!

    Not going to expand on your claims, inparticular the £70m 'handsome transfer kitty' available to Wenger, supposedly announced by not only the clubs board, but by my good self? You know, the claims you stated were facts? Only for dear old Fab to laugh hard in your faces, safe in the knowledge that those potential funds were only talked of being realised in 2015!




    Talk about well and TRULY OWNED.........AGAIN AGAIN!

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    • I must admit, I missed the part where the midget claimed there would be a £70m transfer budget in 2015, perhaps he could post a link to it?

      Have a gay day.

    • Why on earth are you piling yet more humiliation on yourself?

      You are obviously hurting of your latest blunder. Why don't you Google 'Arsenal 70m transfer fund' and you'll find not one mention of 2015; it's all 2013, but then you have difficulty understanding calendars.

      This thread is typical Pixie behaviour; you've been caught out again yet you continue to dig an even bigger hole in the hope that by beating it to death everybody gets fed up of inflicting child cruelty so that you appear to have the last word, however wrong it is.

      No doubt you'll have some puerile response about birds and your continued incontinence.

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      • Oh dear....you need to stop believing everything you read in The Sun!

        Why don't you find an actual quote from a member of Arsenal that talks of a handsome £70m kitty available now?
        All I see is 'Ivan Gazidis says Arsenal have 'an extra £70m of additional, high-margin revenue' and that certainly doesn't say 'we have a handsome £70m transfer kitty available NOW'!

        ALL the talk from Gazidis is of a 'realisation over the next two years' that's 2015!!!

        Oh to be puerile eh?


    • "An extra £70m in revenue was mentioned, granted."

      No, £70m was mentioned for transfers, by the Arsenal board, with an extra £140m in revenue expected.

      You and everyone else have been bragging about the £70m, now you're backing away because you've been caught out.'

      AGAIN AGAIN!!!

      'Mourinho is the new United manager!' Don't forget...Rikki told you first!!!

      STOP! STOP!!

    • 'Oh dear, Pixie's squirming again. I've read the article and do not see it as 'full of unsound assumption' (I presume you mean assumptions); it's very accurate actually.

      So come on, please point them out and stop hiding and avoiding everyone AGAIN.'