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  • Govinda Govinda Jul 31, 2013 07:39 Flag

    Let's forget about Suarez.

    It seems to me that we have entered the time where we need to be sure that we get some players in that can provide some much needed depth and competition.

    It appears that we can only be "sure" of landing Suarez if we are willing to pay the GBP 50 million asking price. If we are willing to pay that amount we should make the offer today and get on with it. If we are not willing to pay that amount we should move on to plan D and think about signing Benteke or Michu or an other quality proven PL striker to provide cover and competition for Giroud. There is little point on letting time drag on by upping our offer to 42.5 or any such amount. Should Bale go to Real, Spurs might use the cash to buy Suarez, should Bale stay at Spurs, Real might go for Suarez. Waiting doesn't seem to help us IMO.

    We should begin by offering Everton the buy out amount on Fellaini today since, supposedly, his buy out clause expires today. We should also bring in Cesar, the friendlies showed that Fabianski is still error prone and the big pole is injured and not good enough.

    Time to give up on Suarez and sign: Benteke/Michu, Fallaini, Cesar. That should give us a chance to fight for 4th or better if Man U or City struggle to get used to their new manager, not something I would want to bet on.

    Is our management really that poor?

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