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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Aug 8, 2013 22:11 Flag

    Laying on a beach in Ballarat Railway Cuttings

    ...probably, as drunk as a skunk, with some old tart, with a face like the back of a bus, from Brisbane, in one hand, and a limp noodle in the other. Speaking of which; is there no one at home then Rikki? Must be a costly way to get a bit, especially considering Queensland has its share of the best beaches, and palm trees. and far better looking women. Probably because they are well out of your league, and little Balinese girls are far easier for an old dried up, bag of bones like you Rikki. Eh.?? You forget old son, I was in Surabaya when you were bobbing about on a steamer, on a ten pound fare from England, to 'the promised land'. Nip up to Java while your there Rikki, they're a lot cheaper, and instead of the cats #$%$ Bali beer that you're drinking, you can enjoy a nice cup of Boh, with some genuine Indonesian people, who don't care for your money, and would probably take your head off if you suggested it. Time to get real Rikki, and back to reality under a tin roof in Cairns. Wish you were here!

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