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    Dear Luis, It’s Not You…It’s Me. ---- By Matthew Sproston

    Thought I should share this quite witty article with my fellow Gooners......... couldn't stop laughing. ENJOY!

    Matt Sproston turns Agony Aunt to advise on the relationship problems between Luis Suarez and Liverpool. It’s time to “m*n *p”!

    It’s the oldest story in the book. In the beginning it’s all so new and exciting. Your eyes light up when you see each other, a natural smile as wide as the Mersey. You just want to be together, can’t bear to be apart.

    Then, as time goes on, things may change. The excitement disappears and what was once so new becomes at best familiar or at worst old. Time apart is bearable and sometimes a relief. The smiles become forced. Eye contact avoided.

    And then comes the inevitable conversation. “I want something different” or “I’ve changed” or “it’s not you, it’s me.” Or worse still…. “there’s someone else.”

    Maybe you decide to give it another go. Stay together, see if you can work it out. Try to recapture the old magic.

    But usually when it reaches that stage giving it another go is just delaying the inevitable… a transfer.

    Now Luis Suarez knows we love him. He was given an overwhelming display of affection at Anfield on Saturday and again at the open training session. He could have been in no doubt that if he stayed he would be forgiven for flirting with Arsenal. Instead he chose to rub his new flame in our faces. So now it’s time for us to retain some dignity and tell him it’s over.

    We‘ve all seen it. Some of us have done it. Spurned lovers pleading, crying or moping around. Desperately trying to cling on to something that has gone or maybe was never even there in the first place.

    You might have said to a friend “you’ll get over it. You’re too good for him/her.” Well now it’s time to take that advice.

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