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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 10, 2013 12:08 Flag

    You've got to hand it to ^This is Anfield" for quality write-ups.

    If there's one good thing which comes out of the ongoing Suarez ping pong game, it's this site for me...

    Recommended article: ''There's an article by on the site Luis Suarez personifies the decline of Liverpool and breeding of mediocrity''. By Gavin Cooney


    Basically, the author talked about the lack of loyalty in the modern game in a humorous way and countered ''we've stood by him'' argument coming out of Anfield.

    An extract................

    'Do you think we would be fighting to hold on to Jay Spearing if it was he that sank his teeth into Ivanovic? The club defended Luis Suarez blindly and occasionally stupidly because he was one of the few very good footballers in a mediocre squad. This is what is sad. Through their actions, the club have admitted that while the crest on the front of the shirt may be more important than the name on the back, without the name the crest won’t soar. When we look at Suarez we see a great club have had its morals corrupted by mediocrity in the hope that by compromising themselves, they can escape this wretched cycle.'

    Keep up the good work, lads.