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    Carragher Speaks Truth on Suarez

    "Luis Suarez is also too good for Arsenal. In recent years, they haven’t challenged for trophies; they have not made an impact in the Champions League and they are no closer to winning the Premier League.

    "If Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich wanted him, I would wish Luis all the luck in the world and staunchly defend him. That is his level; teams who have a great chance of winning the Champions League. That’s why I'm so puzzled by his determination to leave for the Emirates."

    Good for us if we sign him, but that is a big if. Sad state of affairs indeed if we can not secure his professional services in the immediate future. In fact sad state of affairs that what jamie says has been allowed to become true, no thanks to wenger.

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    • Man City 1-3 Arsenal

      What has Carra got to say about today's game, Gunner (FAKE)?

    • It's a win-win situation for Arsenal whatever happens on the Suarez front, Govinda. By trying to sign Suarez, Arsenal have managed to eliminate one potential CL contender (if you count Liverpool as one) before a ball is kicked in anger.

      This is why.....

      Carragher claims he has seen at close quarters a change in Suarez's attitude to life at Liverpool.

      He said: "I took part in a training session at Melwood before Steven Gerrard's testimonial last Saturday and I was alarmed by the Luis Suarez with whom I was sharing a pitch.

      "From his first day at Liverpool, I had been used to seeing a warrior who loved his football and charged around with great enthusiasm.

      "On this occasion, however, his attitude was completely different. He didn't want the ball and had no interest in getting involved. He stood on the periphery, with shoulders slumped."

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      • Doesnt sound like the sort of player we want in our dressing room with that bad attitude. No thanks!

        Recently it was proved that liverpools performances are better when luis is not playing, and his team mates have remarked that the atmosphere is better without our biting/diving/racist hooligan suarez, so perhaps in actual fact we are strengthening another rival contender vying for our shaky 4th spot, and weakening ourselves in the making?