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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Aug 12, 2013 14:49 Flag

    Breaking News from the Railway Cuttings......Ballarat..

    ...The Ballarat Constabulary, have issued a warning that there maybe another Ned Kelly on the lose when a man matching Rikki's description, held up a bottle shop at Nelly's Flat, outside of Ballarat, and made off with a considerable amount of spirits, wine and cigarettes, and in a bizarre incident, took several item of the owners wife's underwear, before making his escape into the bush. He was wearing a green and gold tee shirt printed with I'VE BEEN TO BALI! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY? The owner of the liquor store described him as 'getting on a bit, and so thin and bony he would have to dance around in a shower to get wet'. The Police have described him as 'Dangerous , and should be approached with caution.

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    • Did you spend a sunny morning, afternoon, evening in Colorado typing this up on your laptop in the corner booth in the "Well hung Gun"...complete with saloon doors and all the gun slinging guys.?

      ...did your therapist advise you to record the emergence of your various personalities...to the best of your remembrance....which I think is about "nil"...and try to rationalise the various identities through creative writing....?

      ...so far so good....with the exception of the foul mouthed...uneducated...not yet potty trained... "Jack S" (aka Jack Spratt)...who popped up defending you just a while ago...

      ....ol' Dodge has been kept in check....except you "sound"...and type...just like him....but then again....every cowboy sings the same old song....;)

      ...as for the novella you posted...they do say a novelist should write about what they know about.....

      ...don't give up your day job, Dodge...

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      • Forgive me 'sweetblindness', you are who, exactly? You seem to have a plenty of recall about others like me on here, but to be honest old 'fruit', we haven't a clue who you are, or what you're supposed to represent on here. Do try to fill us in sometime. At your convenience, of course. There's no rush.

        Me? I thought that piece was hilarious, almost poetic in a Spike Milligan kind of way, if I may use the great man as a yard stick. BTW, did you know what Spike had as his epitaph on his grave? " I told them I wasn't well". But perhaps that's a little beyond you sweety.

        As for your own meagre offerings on here, I would suggest you bone up a little on your rhetoric, and give us something a little more meaty. Rather than the insipid 'Oh aren't I just the smart one', with which your posts seem to be splattered. No offence. In the kindest way. B Badger.

    • More shyte from Gilly Baldprick with her continued obsession over Butch.

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      • Is it an OSTRICH? Is it a BIRD? Is it a DUCK? Is it a GANNET? Or is it a TURKEY? (Well yes, could be a Turkey). But No!!! It's ERIC CANTONA, the has been(with a has been' name), from the MANURE board. With his daily input of red rag #$%$ Unloved, and unappreciated on their board, and reduced to having to trade himself, and his 'blistering' intelligence, and bad timing, on a board that wouldn't p..ss on him if he were on fire. Sad. But true. Amazing what some people will put up with, in their desperation. Oh! and BTW. Gilly ? Nope. Sorry. Wrong again, but I'm sure it will be appreciated. Try again tomorrow, for more humiliation.

      • Are you still celebrating that Community Shield victory over Wigan then, Beaky?

        I reckon it'll be the highlight of Man U's season!

        OINK OINK!

      • Whereas you Birdbrain, never let your post standard waver.

        I assume you have decided to shut your beak upon the 'unsound assumption' matter.

        I do believe that is what is known as....OWNED.