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    In Luiz Gustavo Arsenal are set to sign a player who is well steeped in German football culture having lived in the country since his teenage years. "Discipline, punctuality, and the way people always behave properly and honestly," was Gustavo's response when questioned as to what he admires about Germans upon his arrival at Bayern. At one stage he even mooted the possibility of representing die Nationalmannschaft at senior level.
    Luiz Gustavo, then, is more than simply a Brazilian central midfielder. He is the progeny of two distinct football philosophies. As he said himself on the day he joined Bayern: "I could probably pull off a few tricks with the ball, but it’s not my style. I prefer things simple but effective."
    What was brought to wider appreciation during the course of the Confederations Cup were Gustavo's chief strengths. He thrives on responsibility, recycling balls and effectively retaining possession for his side. While Paulinho could be regarded as the more dynamic of Brazil's pivot, Gustavo is no less accomplished in possession. He has an accurate range of passing, short or long. He also boasts positional discipline and match instinct that carries him to vital areas of action. He is also capable of firing in a goal or two with a whiplash left foot when the opportunity arises. Gustavo has also deputised throughout his career in Germany as a central defender and his capabilities at left-back have also been noted. Aggression in the tackle forms a big part of his defensive armoury and as a consequence of that he retains a tendency to be booked often.

    But this, doubtlessly, is a player who will add to Arsenal's play. Complementing Mikel Arteta, Gustavo is the right kind of player to provide responsibility and assurance in the Gunners' midfield. Arsenal, like Bayern, routinely dominate the possession statistics of matches and need a sure-footed insurance policy in the centre of the field when moves break down.

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    We await the outcome.

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