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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Aug 17, 2013 08:22 Flag

    Wenger = Transfer Scrooge

    D-Day is here, and he made ONE signing, an injury prone free transfer from ligue 2 after promising us big signings.

    For those that actually bought that, shame on you. Enjoy another season of big talk backed up by winning nothing. Its as predictable as this summer was.

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    • If he brings in no one or not any ready to start players I will feel ashamed of having believed that this summer might actually be different. Based on what Wenger and Gazidas said at the end of last season I had hope that times had changed, if that was just a ruse to get people to renew their season tickets I will feel like fool. The past many years has shown they have no moral difficulty misleading fans but I always thought it was out of a misguided seance of necessity because of a lack of funds.

      For now I reserve me judgement of the success of our transfer window till after it is closed, although I concede it does not look good and it is clear we have not been able to land our desired targets. But who knows maybe there is an other Cazorla like striker signing out there and up Wengers sleeve. I still wish we had signed Wilfried Bony, he was no financial gamble and better than no one at all. I would not be surprised if scores 20 plus for Swansea this season.

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      • The ship has sailed govinda, 3 points that should have been are none. A few big signings wouldnt have been enough to turn us into title challengers, just necessary to improve the quality of our first XI into a side that could beat anyone on their day again. That is no longer the case. And to challenge the big boys we must improve the squad all over, this is fact. It has become tiresome now. Is it really 8 years without a trophy? Make that 9 unless we sacrafice 4th and put everything into the carling cup. Thats not exactly the answer to our prayers.

    • 17 out - 1 in (for free). Wenger still earning £7.5m a season. Nuff said.