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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Aug 18, 2013 11:27 Flag

    Odds on another PANIC Buy??!!!

    Its hard to know where to start with your lot this season, you honestly couldn't make half of it up!

    17 absolute shockers got rid of, FINALLY! All of them I told you were steaming pile of dog #$%$ - FACT!

    Then he goes and signs an INJURY PRONE, FREE transfer from LIGUE 2????!!!! I remember warning you about that clown Chamakh, but credit to Wenger, he knows how to put together a Circus show!

    BATTERED at home by #$%$py Villa, that won me £50! Van Persie won me another ton! He really has gone up a notch since jumping your sinking ship, but it was a massive step up for him in class and he's loving every minute of it!

    Im excited to see how Wenger responds to your latest SELF-MADE humiliation/crisis. I 8-2 bring up the last one but it was hilarious for a good couple years, and he seems even MORE clueless than ever!

    'We could have won the game, there were a lot of positives in our game. That is what we have to focus on,'

    Yeah but you DIDNT win the game!. 'Coulda, woulda, shoulda'.....same old Wenger! He finds the positives in absolutely everything (look at the dross he signs FFS!) and continues to 'believe'. I honestly think he's some sort of avid self-help book reader or new age hippie muppet!

    Problem is, you're all a bunch of DRIPS yourselves!

    I bet if you get knocked out of the CL by the Turks you'll say #$%$ like 'this is the kick up the backside Wenger needs'...YOU lot need to wake up and smell the GONE OFF, French sausage and cheese! It stunk before in a good way, but now its just gone bad and theres no coming back now! CHUCK IT OUT!!!

    I get the sentiment, he's done great things but he's so LOOONG past his best, he's not been a winner for many years, whilst myself and United have continued to WIN despite the unbelievable rise in quality in opposition and against all odds!

    A mans reach should exceed his grasp, and sadly for you plonkers 4th place looks a bit of a stretch for old prune face!

    Season over in AUGUST??!

    Le Professeur - Inspirational CHAMP20N

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