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    Sadly it is none other than Flamini, on a free of course. This transfer window shambles has made us the laughing stock in england, if not the world. Wenger must go

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    • I think the club has definitely lost the PR war and the strategic war , not in the least by Gazidis declaring we now had big money to spend. Having said that I am still holding out final judgement until the window is closed. There are a few players that could be great signings like Di Maria and Cesar that still might come on board.

      Although I am frustrated we didn't bring in a top striker and although that means, for me, we won't challenge for serious trophies or seriously challenge for trophies, our starting 11 is better than last year and we still have a better chance than last year to finish in the top 4. It is our depth which is way too thin and IMO too much of a risk to take in relation to not bringing in some more players.

      Also our difficult CL group might be an other blessing, ie if we don't make it out of the group stages there will be less pressure on the depth of our squad.

      I reserve final judgement till after the transfer window is closed (no matter how frustrated I am with our handling of this window). For me, only results count and the results of the transfer window are not final.

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      • Di maria will not join and has laughed that rumour off today.
        You are wrong we do not have a better chance to finish 4th BECAUSE our squad is so thin. Its debatable if our first 11 is better and is not necessarily relevant due to the position and possible progress of our rivals. I fear we will struggle on more than one period this season, and our usual late finish when knocked out of all competitions may not even occur or be enough this time round.

        My gut feeling says he will try bring in a couple faces last minute, but in january we wil realise what how badly this summer has cost us, forcing wengers hand. However it is difficult to get who you want in jan. The warning signs are plain to see hope I dont have to say i told you so again.

      • Gazidis comment on the new finances available to Arsenal may well have seemingly served to prick the ears in all the wrong ways and given the gutter press plenty of negative ammunition but crikey, can the guy win!?!?! Should he really have not said a word????
        The squad needs more players, Wenger has said that himself, he has also stated that Arsenal have been in the market from the very early stages. The press are certainly winding up sections of the Arsenal fans something rotten! No 'big names' have yet arrived to appease the more fickle minded, yet who is to say that in the coming weeks, Sanogo (erm....that is his name isn't it?You know who I mean anyhow) will be lauded as the Prems signing of the season!?!?
        As you say, the window is not yet shut, and remember Arsenal have signed both BIG name players and players of REAL quality before, with seconds left on the window clock.

        Much love.

    • Nothing wrong with signing Flamini. Happy to have him back!

    • What has gone on this summer is actual madness. Every season we at least identified one of our main targets and got them. This summer we supposedly have more money than ever before and we will likely spend the least ever from the looks of it. Simply put it's flawed planning. We have dragged our feet in the transfer market. Some heads have to roll. And it has to start with Gazidis. Still better to wait for a few days more before one takes the pitchforks out. After all we have waited for years for things to change!