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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Sep 3, 2013 06:50 Flag

    It's only just BEGUN!

    The landmark signing of Ozil 'the best no10 in the world'(Mourinho quote!) heralds a new dawn for Arsenal.
    The club has SMASHED it's record fee along with that of any paid for a German player and that of any paid to Madrid. The fee is the third largest ever paid by a Prem club, behind the deals for Torres to Chelski and Tevez to City (where does that leave ManU!?!?! PMSL).
    Arsenal are about to realise the fruition of Wengers master plan, the plan which has given us the best stadium in the country, the plan which is about to see the club realise a £70m kitty (at least!) every year.
    The rays of this new Arsenal dawn are only just beginning to break the horizon. Those that have dared question the great man are about to be blinded by his light, his wisdom, his knowledge, his unwavering beliefs.
    His disciples are about to be sainted.

    Wenger KNOWS.

    He always did.

    And so did old Fabby.

    No doubt this board will be incredibly quiet.


    Much love!

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