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    Let's be realistic about our transfer window

    I think the Arsenal Supporters Turst summed it up fairly decent:

    In a statement to the London Evening Standard, the AST declared: “We welcome the statement of intent Arsenal have made with the signing of a world-class player like Mesut Ozil. It is a transformational signing for the club in terms of both transfer fee and wages paid. It is, however, frustrating that once again a window has closed with over £50m left unspent. The AST would like to see all available resources put toward strengthening the team.

    “This summer’s transfer window has also reinforced the AST’s view that the club need to overhaul their boardroom and football management infrastructure so they have the very best set-up to maximise the way in which the modern-day transfer window now operates.”

    I think Ozil is a great signing and thank you to Wenger for that, and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic but we failed to really bring in any of the players we needed (Keeper, CD, DM, Striker), most glaringly a top notch striker.

    I think Spurs, City, Liverpool and possibly Chelsea had better windows and Man U failed big time.

    Why not spend enough to buy Mignolet? He is great for Liverpool. Why no striker unless you count keeping Bendtner as a signing. Wanayama (spl?) would have been affordable.

    We better pray Giroud stays healthy and starts putting away a few more of the many chances he gets.

    Can't wait to see what Ozil can do in the PL.

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    • Looks more like the DREADFUL AST are trying to save face after their 'ridiculous' demand not to offer Wenger a new contract. Ozil plays for Arsenal, like many of the players simply because Wenger IS manager FFS!
      Have you ever been in the official supporters club??? They are f*cking saddo nutcases!!!!

      Arsenal have made the best signing of the window bar NONE!

      Also if Arsenal failed to bring in a GK a DM and a striker, then who the f*ck are the other three players we bought in??? I could have sworn they played in the GK, DM and striking roles!!!!!

      Sure, Arsenal would have liked to bring in more, such as Suarez. Wenger has ALWAYS said he would buy 'top quality' players, thing is, those players do not grow on trees, look at United seeking here there and everywhere!! Chelsea signing the aged Eto on a one year deal!!!

      Those who are saying 'ooh we don't need Ozil!' are, once again, about to end up with egg all over their faces.

      Let's be realistic about the transfer window. With ONE signing we eclipsed every other Prem club.

      Much love

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      • Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with the way the window turned out for us and I am very happy that we signed a world class player in Ozil. I can not wait to see him play for us.

        I don't share your optimism that we had the best window in the PL. I think we had the best signing but not the best window.

        Sanogo is a project and it would be unfair to expect him to contribute much this year. Don't be surprised if Giroud gets injured that Wenger will turn to Walcott over Sanogo which would say it all.

        Flamini is a solid addition but not exceptional and I would be surprised if Viviano takes starter role in goal.

        I think the big Pole might have stepped it up a little this season and in the absence of a great keeper that is a good thing. He made some great saves the last few games and at his age development is never in a straight line but rather in spurts. I think he might have had a little spurt.

        I read an article on Yahoo grating all teams performance in the window. They rated Arsenal B+ and I think that is fair.

        Shame Podolski is out till next year, from what I read in the German press.

        Loved reading how United tried to "steal" Ozil last minute. The absence of SAF is big for them and understandably so. You don't replace a special manager just like that.