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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Sep 4, 2013 15:05 Flag

    ...just scraped off my boot....

    As I see Piglet, Govinda, ICJacksh.t, and the rest of the knuckle grazers are out in force, trying to save their bony #$%$, and sheepish looks, yet again, now that AW has served up another size twelve, right up their #$%$. I knew that Ozil buy would have made them swallow hard, and think again, but no. John suggests(and why wouldn't he?) that we have to face a Spurs side without million pound inserts into their team, who haven't 'got it together' before we can call it a win(its a game of football, FFS! Not 'We'll wait until you've-(what does the halfwit Vindaloo call it 'gelled')before we play you!! Get bl..dy real both of you. They were well outplayed and if not for their keeper it would have been a damn cricket score, with or without Bale. Not to accept that, is to admit that you haven't any clue about the game, Arsenal, or even what it takes to stand up, be a man, and admit you were wrong. I truly cant stomach some of the loser attitude displayed on here; and people, if you have nothing but pig sh..t(yes you piggy) and fools comments to say about Arsenal & Arsene Wenger, #$%$ and give your backside a chance. You're full of it, so get rid of it somewhere else.

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    • You really are as clueless as everybody else suggests.

      It has been widely recognised by the pundits and people here, that the Spurs midfield need time to get used to each other. It is still very early days for them. So, as has been suggested, a better measure of how both of our teams have progressed will take place at our next game. By that time, our gem of a signing will have had time to bed in too.

      Also, where do you get the idea that Spurs were 'well outplayed'? If you look at the match stats and the possession, it was pretty much even. Lloris did have a good game, but then so did Szczesny.

      So no. I was not wrong. It is you who do not have a clue. So grab yourself a bottle of 'suds' and get back in your box.