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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Sep 9, 2013 14:49 Flag

    Where is e' body

    Iv'e been away on a 'sabbatical' the last weeks, and have just returned to the 'Well Hung Gun'. where its as dead as a grave yard, just like here. All the usual suspects missing. Is it true that Rikki is missing, trekking through the Indian sub continent? I read a tracker, looking for the missing group, came across a pair of soiled briefs(along with a fair sized dump, that he said a Bull Elephant would find hard to pass), with the initials RA on them, and concluded it could only be one of the missing, Mr. R. Altree. Can anyone confirm this please?. BTW where's the bl..dy football gone?? Thank God OINK OINK's! still around, otherwise I'd think somewhat dropped a bomb on the place. Especially after that Ozil signing!!. Must have #$%$ some off, in Spades.

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    • Altree's great tour of Asia is going so well that she's logging into Yahoo Sport so that she can bite at my posts on the Man U board.

      I have to be careful how I tread though, the mincing old Outback Cowboy has already threatened to record and dedicate a video to me which will be posted on YouTube as proof that she's on a beach in Asia.

      Talk about Butch's geordie infatuation but it's to be expected, especially since she is always getting OWNED BY A GEORDIE!

      OINK OINK!