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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Sep 25, 2013 15:27 Flag

    Respect!! What respect??

    I've been away for a while, having suffered a severe bout of vomiting and loose bowels(a pint of Mild(slops) will do that to you) and a bad case of Gout(who can trust French wine?) However, that will only interest some. My point on here is, just how success, breeds some kind of respect, from those who would have seen Arsene Wenger hanged for the crime of not pleasing them, not so very long ago. It would show real courage from some to apologies, that AW was the right man for the job, given the circumstances. Yet still, no such apology is forth coming from any. They are only happy to have got away with it, content to think its gone away, and they can sweep it under the carpet. That is until next time they have another unpleasing episode (from the club they are supposed to love) with which to hang Arsene Wenger with. They have no spine, no balls, and certainly no business, supporting a team, that must continually win a tin cup to please them, and warrant their support. Fair weather support indeed. Sorry, what was that. Taxi for Wenger??? What about Moyes now. No? Thought not. The true bully picks on the cleverest mind first. No what I mean?

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    • Well sucked in AGAIN! Too easy............jackass? Get it Jack S??
      If you had a brain piglet, you'd be dangerous, fool.

    • 'However that will only interest some'

      #$%$?? who'd the hell would be interested in your cavernous poo chute you smelly old geriatric? (well apart from Jacob, jackspratt, gilly, londoner, dodge etc who i expect were coincidentally all suffering from the same bowel trouble hahaha)

      what would you know about success breeding respect bald pr!ck.

      you've played 5 PL matches and struggled in most of them. Id wait until you wipe the floor with someone decent before climbing any further into wengers ring peice!