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  • John John Sep 30, 2013 08:25 Flag

    David Moyes

    You have to hand it to him. He spent 11 years trying to get Everton above Utd in the league and now he's finally done it. Well done.

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    • didn't I just read this on YaHOO.'S front page,..POSTED BY SOMEONE ELSE JOHN?

    • I actually feel bad for United fans. There is real chance they finish outside the top 4 although the season is still long. What puzzles me is the media. On the one hand they wrote how special SAF was, and there is no doubt he was the best manager in England during his reign IMO, on the other hand when the next manager - Moyes- proves how good SAF was by not being able to raise an unspectacular squad above the sum of its parts, they slaughter the new manager?

      Either SAF was a genius for winning the PL last season with this squad and Moyes is human, or the Man U squad was so good that claiming SAF was great - last season - is rubbish in which case Moyes is rubbish as well.

      It is hard, at the moment, to see them retain the title. Having said that niether Chelsea nor City have looked convincing. At the moment Spurs might be a real threat on the back of the depth of their squad and Liverpool look great as well. Every time Giroud goes down I shudder but if we stay healthy and get Pod and Ox back we have a chance as well.

      At the moment between Man U, Liverpool, City, Spurs, Chelsea and ourselves I think they all should have equal odds for a top 4 finish. Maybe the odds to win the PL are less even?

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      • I think the reasons Utd are where they are in the league right now are three fold.

        1. Moyes has a completely different style of management to Fergie and they squad have to get used to doing things his way. Maybe it would be better to check in with them mid-season and see how they are doing then.

        2. Utd's midfield is an engima. they have some great players in midfield, but none of them perform consistently. Maybe they will settle, but it may need Moyes to go out and buy during January.

        3. Rio & Vidic are both performing very badly. Moyes needs to dump the old guard now, and bring in smalling/jones now. It may take them a few games, but they are the future so bring them in.

        In the meantime....lol

    • That's funny John :-)