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    Yupp, Napoli, the highest spending Italian outfit were given top billing by all and sundry, in form, winning, hot stuff. Wengers new Arsenal were to be given a tough test. Higuain would come back to haunt.
    20 minutes in and it was all over.

    Arsenal were rampant, controlled, in charge and absolutely f*cking awesome!

    Those who knew Ozil was going to prove himself to be kingpin when he first signed have not been let down. Add to that the newly polished gems of Ramsey AND Giroud backed up by the harder Flamini and Arteta and Arsenal shimmer in the age old Wenger manner, yet again. Feel free to lick your lips at the thought of Wilshere hitting top form, along with Cazorla and all the other missing STARS.
    After two seasons blighted by our top talent heading elsewhere, the team is once again 'on the rise' and this time it really is going to be majestic, mark my words.

    Don't gloat too hard, don't poke fun at Van Persie too much, just rest ASSURED, safe in the knowledge, that Arsenal have the very best manager around and that he is Arsenal through and through.

    Much Gooner love.

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    • This is the best squad we have had for a while. It is reaching maturity and has a great balance in experience and between effort and fines. We are passing many tests easily and it is a joy to watch. Spurs, Swansea and Napoli, to me, are three solid wins and underline this really might be the season that puts us back in an upward trajectory.

      I don't even care if we win the PL or not, if we play like we do now, with the confidence we have now, this will be a great season to follow and (IMO) where we can for the first time in years still dream realistically about winning a trophy.

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      • The confidence running throughout the squad is there for all to see and that has what has been lacking in recent years, as I have always said. To me Arsenal have had wonderful teams these trophyless years, teams capable of real success. Arsenal had quality players all along but the belief slowly wore away and once the fans were on the players backs there was no way they would produce their best game. They bloody well tried though, time after time.
        The last two seasons we lost our big names in quick succession and Wenger has built afresh, cleared out those squad players that had either had the stuffing knocked out of them or were on the periphery of the squad and simply not good enough. For the most part Wenger has done this without spending the vast sums spent by the likes of Chelski, until Ozil that is.
        Wenger has spent the cash wisely and given the club IMO the best player to grace the Prem today. The performance of Ozil against Napoli confirmed that for me. CLASS. BIG TIME.
        My hope is that if the team dips in form and it probably will at some point, then the fans still support the team and do not shatter the confidence of the players.That is crucial. Someone once said confidence is hard to come by and easily lost. Ozil has handed Arsenal their swagger. Long may it last.
        Fantastic football against Napoli, I've watched it twice now, Napoli barely touched the ball those first 20 mins and they were 2-0 down!