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  • Jacks Jacks Oct 24, 2013 15:25 Flag

    Borrusia......the Positives.

    Firstly, I personally think that we lost it, and they didn't (deserve to) win it. As Jack W said, a draw would have been a fairer result. However, it wasn't and that's that. Apart from the Golden Boy of The Month, Ramsey making a catastrophic mistake on the edge of his own box, born out of - IMO - his growing confidence being misplaced in that situation, we were as good if not sometimes better, and out playing them without capitalising. My take of them was that they had to run around like whippets, and were flat out, to keep us out. Also without Walcott, where had Sagna gone, when they broke for the winning goal? He surely would have been there to cover Lewandoski's only contribution to the whole game. That wont happen again. Also as for the PL and our chances, there are few teams with the ability, or are capable of playing at 100% for 90 mins. as BD. did. That's a positive.